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Re: Xbox 360 connectivity

by skyatis

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Xbox 360 connectivity

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I see on this forum that a number of people have experienced connectivity issues with Titanfall.


My son purchased the game some weeks ago, and has not yet managed to connect to the servers and play.  The screen continuously shows "attempting connection".


We have tried repeatedly stopping and re-starting the game without any success.


Are there any other solutions we can try?  Could it be an internet configuration problem for example, or is the problem at EAs end?  Our other online multiplayer games all connect without any trouble.


Hope someone can help....!

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Re: Xbox 360 connectivity

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Do you have both a modem and a router, or a single hybrid device? Assuming the former, please try connecting the Xbox 360 directly to the modem and then see if the game can connect properly. If it works, we've learned that the router is the problem. If it doesn't work then we know we can rule out the router as a possible cause. I'd like to emphasize that I'm not proposing this as a long-term solution - it's just a way of learning more about the problem so we can find a solution.

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Re: Xbox 360 connectivity

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I've got a fibre-optic line into the house connected to a box provided by the telecoms company.  That's connected to a router, and the XBox360 is attached to the router.  If I understand correctly, we can't cut the router out of the system here; it's a required component.  


My kids play lots of other games (Plants vs Zombies and Destiny being the current favourites) and connect to the game servers without a problem.



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