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Re: Unable to enjoy Titanfall

by Pilot7924

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Unable to enjoy Titanfall

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I just got this game in a bundle on steam and it is unplayable. I cannot connect to the servers and have been looking on forums both official and unofficial, with no luck finding a solution. It feels a tad dated to still force us to be online to play a game's storyline. Does the team at Respawn Entertainment have any plan to fix this issue?

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Re: Unable to enjoy Titanfall

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I'm truly sorry to ear it, but unfortunately a hacker is preventing anyone to connect to the game by disabling the server on PC. As far as I can tell, only Xbox servers are still up.


It's an issue that has been plaguing for over a month and that has been encountered for a very long time before. You will just need to make a quick search in this forum to see that too many people are affected by this issue and EA doesn't appears to do anything. Here is the latest discussion for the current instance of this server issue.

My advice, try to seek a refund from Steam and/or EA for the time being. Hopefully, the issue will be fix in the futur, but the silence from the EA and their lust for their new product (?) is not in our favor.


Sorry for the bad news


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