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Re: Titanfall issues

by Olegloriousone

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Titanfall issues

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Ok so im new to pc gaming.. Experienced in troubleshooting but New to origins. Titanfall purchased at walmart, Took Almost two days to install it properly " missing models error" and im off to playing it happily for two or three days.. Today i click the laucher to a message saying path no longer existed. Tracked the orgins folder in my hd and its listed under the folder launcher that i can see anywhere... 

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Re: Titanfall issues

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ok so in further news i have my orgin browser up and it has the option to download again which is total bull since i will not be wasting more time downloading. i tried to replace the .exe but the disk itself is a crock since i can't locate the files due to encoding. totally unhappy

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Re: Titanfall issues

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Ok.....The Solution for me was as follows.... I noticed that my titanfall folder was moved to quaritine folder for antimalware bytes automated functions...simply First go into the defender and restore all files then....Go and move the install folder back into its rightful space in the origin games folder. Then the game.exe has to the ran as admin to let origin see it again. Then the game will update quickly and become playable... now my friends go get back in that big ole suite.

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