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Titanfall error, disconnected from server

by WadeDpoolWilson

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Titanfall error, disconnected from server

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Ok, so I bought Titanfall at Walmart for $20 'cause it was on sale, downloaded it, got all the expansions, and I log on it without a hitch, but when I try to enter a match or enter training, I either get "Error: Server timed out" or "Error: Disconnected from server" and all i want to do is play the game I bought, please help me somebody! I want to play this game soooooo bad!!!! Please help!

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Re: Titanfall error, disconnected from server

Community Manager (retired)

@WadeDpoolWilson We should check Origin at first:

Download and install the latest version of Origin at
Close the origin client and go directly to you origin folder  C:\Program Files\Origin Games. Run the origin.exe in this folder with a rightclick -> run as administrator. 

Try to deactivate your firewall/antivirus software and/or check the online ports of your connection:

TCP80, 443, 9988, 20000-20100, 22990, 17502, 42127
3659, 14000-14016, 22990-23006, 25200-25300
For specific instructions on how to open your ports, please visit or contact your router manufacturer.


You should make sure that you have the latest release version of your video-card driver. If you are running with a beta built, please revert to the latest release built. 


You can try following workarounds as well:

Please let us now, if this problem after this workaround still exist.




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