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Re: Titanfall Crashes during gameplay

by Khenmu12445

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Titanfall Crashes during gameplay

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Okay, so, I know plenty of people have been filing in reports with the same issue, but here it goes:

I got Titanfall for Origin Game Time. It ran fine after updating my GPU's graphic drivers, until eventually after 5 or so minutes of gameplay the game would freeze, say "Titanfall.exe has stopped working", and crash. I've looked for numerous fixes, but they all require downloading the beta shaders, which I heard later on was a bad idea, or they're outdated, or whatever. Does anybody know a fix to this? I wanna play a full game of Titanfall Frown

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Re: Titanfall Crashes during gameplay

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Unfortunately this isn't an issue with a single possible cause & solution, so it means troubleshooting.


Can I please ask which Operating System you have installed? This will help me to provide more detailed and specific suggestions.


Can I also ask which video card you have? I haven't had this confirmed by EA, but my understanding is that a lot of people with DirectX 10 cards are having problems with Titanfall. Knowing whether we can rule this out as a possible cause would help us to narrow down the problem.


If you haven't already done so, please go to the Origin client, right-click on Titanfall and choose Check for Update. After Origin has finished checking for updates and applied any updates found for your installation, please repeat the process and instead choose Repair Game.

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