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Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Connectivity

by evie6626

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Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Connectivity

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So this problem seems to be pervasive even in 2020.


Currently on PC I am still stick on the 'Searching for Data Centres' which causes the multiplayer to lock. I've tried opening ports on all my PC firewall, disabling all the network adaptors that I was not using (including hidden ones), repairing the game, contacted EA with pages of possible solutions and still got nothing. There was an option with opening ports on the router, however I have a copy on PS4 and that works just fine despite both being connected to the same ethernet switch and router. I'd rather not mess with that if it is not necessary.


Just as a note, I also tried switching to using the WIFI and it still faces the same issue.


I am trying to get the PC version to work since most of my friends play this game on PC (plus I prefer controls on PC). Are there any other solutions out there? (Or just a fix? This game has been out a long while, I'd thought a bug this big would have been fixed by now)


Thanks anyone in advance who attempts to help!

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