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The hacker is back again, the game is unplayable again.

by Linksys-protect

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The hacker is back again, the game is unplayable again.

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I’ve written before that an attack is expected again. Experience. You join the game and then within a few seconds it joins you "someone or something". After that, the running program senses as if the DLCs are missing. but shortly on the second connection you will be returned to the main menu to install the DLCs.From now on you can restart the game, reconnect to the DLC will be restored, but the process will start all over again.

I hope I helped the developers and not mute them.

The game will most likely close again. It could be permanent.

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Re: The hacker is back again, the game is unplayable again.

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Recent Experience: A hacker can connect with the ID or Player name of others, maintains this connection on an ongoing basis, and virtually excludes the rightful owner of the account from the game servers. This is because the server is throwing the following messages: This user is currently active on the server. So this is yet another piece of evidence that privacy has been breached at EA. Using the player ID number excludes the rightful owner from the game. I practically don’t play, but I’m still present on the server. An interesting draw from a hacker who can’t be named because of EA_Atic, but who has been tracking events for a long time, is aware of the hacker’s name. I do not know how EA is doing anything about a breach of their privacy policy that could even be sued. It would be good to give meaningful answers to the above-mentioned data protection problems instead of muting or moderating them this time, and when they can permanently disable the hacker once and for all. I attach a screenshot of what you can expect for those who want to play Titanfall 1 away.

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