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Play Titanfall on PC for Free

by THISaint

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Play Titanfall on PC for Free

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It’s Game Time! This is a brand new program on Origin: it’s free time with full games. Origin Game Time isn’t a demo, it’s the full game playable for free for as long as there’s time on your Game Time clock. And we’re kicking off Origin Game Time with a truly massive experience: Titanfall on PC.

This weekend you’ll be able to download Titanfall and play for free for two days straight. Origin Game Time for Titanfall has launched and you can start downloading now! 



Haven’t felt the thrill of dropping an 18-foot tall metallic beast on your opponent? What about the rush of leaping from wall to wall through the war-torn alleyways of a devastated compound? This is your chance to really see for yourself what Titanfall is all about. Play it for yourself. It won’t cost you a thing.

For Titanfall you’re getting 48 full hours of Pilot/Titan action. It’s the entire game. The Origin Game Time clock begins the moment you start the game for the first time, and ticks down in realtime. Whether you’re fighting your friends or taking a break, the Game Time clock will continue to run.

Love the game after playing during Origin Game Time and want to continue? Your Titanfall progress is saved and you can pick up right where you left off if you purchase Titanfall.

If you already own Titanfall, this weekend is a great time to get back into the game. Origin Game Time will bring new Pilots into the fight – help your teammates or swoop in for some easy points.

Titanfall is only the beginning for Game Time and there’s more on the way. Each Game Time will be unique: different game, different time on the Game Time clock. We’ll keep you posted on Twitter, Facebook, and the Origin blog when your next Origin Game Time game begins.

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Re: Play Titanfall on PC for Free

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Oh, really? Thanks!!! :D But dosn't works!! "Titanfall.exe has stopped working" i love it

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Re: Play Titanfall on PC for Free

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proof that EA don't care about their customers




The gameplay experience since this was put into place has dropped dramatically, i haven't enjoyed a single game this weekend thanks to the horible balance i'm experiencing


I'm currently G2 Lvl 49 and i've had NO balanced games whatsoever, you guys really should have planned this a little better and fixed your matchmaking system before implementing this f2p trial. Every game i play my team consists of  lvl 10's or lower thanks to the mass ammount of beginners trying the game for the first time.



Potential new customers for EA

Loss of existing customers - not that this matters becuase we've already paid our cash and have no way of getting it back after the grace period has expired



i knew i shouldn't have bothered with EA

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Re: Play Titanfall on PC for Free

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Oh yeah great,downloaded 50 gb for nothing,clicked play and when it comes to loading map it just kicks me out and says "titanfall.exe has stopped working" and clock is ticking,already passed 10+ hours and I didn't even enter any map. Good job...

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