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by johnstone2010

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I have 4 games installed on EA.    If u  know that just about everyone is having a problem  with origin connection issues, why isn't anything being done by U guy's to remedy the problem instead letting players trying to figure it out?   I have a brand new gaming system running windows 8.1 and cannot get to my games because of origin connection issues. What gives here anyway?

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Re: Origin question in Titanfall

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Answer HQ is not EA.  It also is not Help Center.  Neither is it part of Origin Store.  This is a game players' self help website, with many forums for EA games discussions, and one to discuss the Origin Store in.  We have nothing whatsoever to do with EA business.  We do not fix anything other than our own privately owned game systems. 


You are off topic in Titanfall.  You are on the wrong website.  A Game Adviser may have an answer for you.  We, on the other hand, do not. 



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Re: Origin question is still misposted in the Titanfall forum

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@johnstone2010 wrote:

I have 4 games installed on EA.    What gives here anyway?



This message thread has not been moved into the Origin Store forum yet.  At the lower left corner of your complaint is the link for reporting "Inappropriate Content".  Click on that and in the dialog box, make any apology you feel is approriate for the bad navigation, then request the transfer of your question to where it belonged.  Thank you. 



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