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Re: Origin Overlay Disabled in Titanfall

by EA_Bastian

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Origin Overlay Disabled in Titanfall

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Okay so I recently wanted to play titanfall after not doing so for about a month or two. TF told me that in order to make matchmaking better they made all the map packs free and I would need to download them in order to play online. But the problem is the 'store' option in the main menu is grayed out and says 'orgin overlay disabled.' I have been scouring all over the internet for a solution but non seem to either a) work or b) pertain to me. Origin in-game overlay is turned on in the origin settings, I don't use any third party recording software, Razer synapse, fraps or anything of the sorts. I do have steam installed but I have repeatedly made sure it is completely closed out and exited before starting TF and even disabling steams in-game overlay. I have downloaded the map packs directly from origins store but TF still tells me i need to download the maps before I can continue playing online. Everything was working a couple of months ago but I feel that the issue started once respawn made the map packs free DL. I have Bit Defender Free and i have turned that off but still to no avail.


Any Ideas? Trying to avoid a full reinstall of TF/origin as i have seen it does (at least from what i've seen on most forums) not solve the issue. 


Thanks Guys!

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Re: Origin Overlay Disabled in Titanfall

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You should not need to use the overlay at all in order to get the content. Just enter your "My Games" Titanfall details page (right-click on Titanfall) and scroll down to the bottom of the screen. You can check your Origin overlay in the clients application settings.


Have you already tried to download and install the latest Origin version? It does not require to re-install Titanfall. You can additionally try to use the store on our website:



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Re: Origin Overlay Disabled in Titanfall

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Turns out the issue was on my part, I had forgotten to install one of the map packs. Although I never solved the origin overlay issue I was finally allowed to enter match making. 



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