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Re: No order record after purchase

by yaobaixiangyu

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No order record after purchase

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I paid for titanfall yesterday at Hong Kong Time 13:30 12/3/2014 with a visa card of HSBC on origin.

After the purchase, i checked my order history and found nothing. then i checked my email and found no order confirmation.

so i went into a live chat with customer service, and they told me to wait for a few hours for the servers to sync

so i did.i waited for 6 hours, still nothing, no order history, no email and no game shown in the game library. 

So i went into live chat with the customer service again, he told me that he checked the servers and found no such order. i phoned up the HSBC bank and they say that the transaction has been completed and the money has been transfered and they gave me the TAN, the transaction authorization number and told me to tell the adviser that i was talking to to check the transaction with the number. So i gave the number to the customer service, and then the guy says that he can't use this number because EA customer service will not check unneccesary requests, and that the only valid proof is a bank statement which is at the end of the month.

What can i do

even the bank confirmed the transaction and you guys still doesnt accept it?

i paid for a game and now i have to wait till the end of the month to even get a chance to review my order and possibly wait another month for the customer service to process the case ?

this is ridiculous.

Can you guys look into this? the case number is #[removed]

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Re: No order record after purchase

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as this is billing related please contact support. We cannot help on Answer HQ.

To contact a game advisor, please visit the following site:

# Login to the site by clicking on "LOG IN" in the menu bar, top right.
# If you need to change language, click on the language in the menu bar on the left
# Search the game you need help with.
# Select the game by clicking on the image and click next.
# Select platform and click next
# Select a topic and enter your issue and click next

You will now be provided with the contact options that are available, depending on your country.

Best regards,

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Re: No order record after purchase

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Hello, I'm in the same situation. Have you solved this problem
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