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No connectivity to Titanfall PC servers

by Pyrosopher

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Re: No servers found titanfall

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@Anoplogaster Probably shouldn't hold your breath until EA takes action . This has been going on since 2019
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Re: No servers found titanfall

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I admit, I made one speed hacker rage after me over multiple session challenging him/her to show some talents. In the end, that hacker attempted to change his name to mine and shame me with that, but had a space in front of his/her version of my name and viewing the hacker's profile opened the same account on Origin as before. I don't known much about stealing the name of others, but I presume that is as far as it can get (unless the hackers are able to overwrite account's name and not just in game displayed name). Beyond that I think that would be an account being stolen.

I always report a user with the Origin account name when viewing the user profile. Beyond that, I don't see how I could distinct fake from real account name. I also believe that when reporting from the Origin app, it would actually report the user with his/her account's id and not his/her account's name.

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Re: No connectivity to Titanfall PC servers

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Is Titanfall dead?

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Re: No connectivity to Titanfall PC servers

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So ... a new twist in the ongoing hack of Titanfall:


I was able to connect to the North US server today (01/27/2021) . Of course there was no one there, but I could sort burn cards and look at daily challenges.

The game lobby was NOT normal. All maps were showing as not installed and the other slots in the lobby showed "Connecting ... " Which, in the past has been a sure sign that the hacker was fouling up the game. See the attached picture.

Went to the Western EU server ... connected and was immediately disconnected with the fake "lost connection to server" message.

Rebooted my system ... went back to the game ... tried to connect again and was back at the now familiar "Retrieving Matchmaking List - no servers found " message and was unable to connect on any of the listed servers.

I notice that all my other case reports have been marked as either "closed" or "resolved". Be aware that NONE of the issues I have been reporting for at least 2wks now have been resolved. I'm assuming the "closed" cases are no longer being investigated but hope some action is being taken to fix these problems.

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TITANFALL 1 january 2021 server re-hacked....

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5 days an hacker, have blocked all world servers, 


he has come in game, to say he close the game, and then , titanfall dont work now...


i have phone origin france but , they resolve problem, but nothing....


the hacker have, too, a bot , whomultiply connection group, without pack map, if u can rach a server for miracle


Can you check your game ? u can see u cannot play,  so go resolve it, nobody can play 5 days...........

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Re: No servers found titanfall

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@Fenris50 well, if EA or Origin is not going to do anything about it, then a refund is on the way? several people in here have recently bought the game as well. Is EA aware of our complaints? wondering now
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Re: No connectivity to Titanfall PC servers

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Still not fixed Jan. 27.

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Re: No servers found titanfall

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Well they should be aware of this issues @Anoplogaster since we are still complaining and showing evidence that this major issue is still happening. Perhaps we could get an EA Moderator or any member of their staff reply in this forum to show acknowledgement of the issue and to tell us that they care (because I ain't seing any in this discussion so far which is about the most recent instance of this issue). It's have been mention and talk about in a variety of places and forums (plus our direct report of the issue) so I doubt that none of them have seen this issue. I'm curious to know what Respawn think of this sincerely, I didn't heard of them for a very long time but to announce Fuse.

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Re: No servers found titanfall

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In The Future: Still not fixed 2022. Jan. 27. :D

You can see that we have been reporting the problem since early 2018, no support. People were stolen again.

There will be more surprises for you EA. Not small but big Standard smile Info ->

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Re: No servers found titanfall

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But now its on Steam for 20 bucks. Maybe now we will get some attention. It’s have to be a solution!)

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