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No connectivity to Titanfall PC servers

by Pyrosopher

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Re: No connectivity to Titanfall PC servers

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OMG, what does the BOT do?

Is that a guess?

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Re: No connectivity to Titanfall PC servers

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Same here! I fell in love with titanfall 2 and then I bought titanfall, I hope I can play it at least one time on my life hahaha but honestly it will be the first time I will play titanfall please fix this!!!

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Re: No connectivity to Titanfall PC servers

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i've called EA again and was told that they cannot help on that number and to write here. When I told them that I had, they said that these boards are monitored and that to treat hearing nothing as it is being looked into.


In the hope of some more active communication, I've messaged @EA_Spectre who has posted on this board before. Hopefully he/she will be able to liaise with someone in the technical team to provide an update on what is being examined and when. Hopefully they will take the community's view into account that this is the result of a single individual and that allows the situation to be resolved quickly.


Fingers crossed.



@EA_Spectre  kindly got back to me quickly. Apparently he/she is a Forum Admin, not a Community Manager, so can't help. I've asked who is the Community Manager so we might start to find out what the score is.


UPDATE II - The Sequel

After another message from the above, I've reached out to @EA_Darko and @EA_Lanna who seem like two of the most active, helpful, talented, ingenious and good-looking of the CMs. I am hoping that one of these "titans" of the community will be able to help us out with an update from the trenches. We're looking forward to hearing from you. Please help!


UPDATE III - The Trilogy

I've posted a general question on the general message board. Hoping something more public might get more attention. Please chip in:

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Re: No servers found titanfall

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@Fenris50 I have been trying since yesterday to play (Western European server), but the same issue come up" No Servers Found. I really don't know what is going on but someone in EA need to do something about it. I bought the deluxe edition recently of which I really like but at this rate, it is becoming very discouraging not being able to do anything, since you can not offline.
Hope Origin does something soon, really.
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Re: No connectivity to Titanfall PC servers

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having the same issue i managed to get in earlier for about 15 minutes just enough to do the training since its my first time playing but after that straight disconnect i already know how they are doing this and well i could counter it but i just simply dont need the legal trouble from doing it

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What are your target service levels for down-time?

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The Titanfall PC servers have not been allowing any players to connect for almost a week now. This is a game without any single player mode, so everyone who owns the game presently has something that is worthless - very frustrating for people who have just bought it and can't play it.


Therefore I am interested to know from an EA perspective, at what point does a situation like this get escalated within internal teams?


Is it x hours after a server issue has been detected on your end?


We have logged calls and raised tickets. Is it x hours after the first ticket has been raised?


We have written about it on the board here. Is it x hours after the first posting?


No one can play this game and the community has not heard from the only member who can do anything about it - EA. Please join the conversation.


Thank you.


Edit: Wow, someone moved this from the General Discussion board where people would see it to here, but didn't take the trouble to reply.

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Re: No connectivity to Titanfall PC servers

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I have the same issue, getting no servers found error. I was able to get in for a few minutes today to complete the training, but then I was kicked out from the server with an error full of symbols and T9-9=]9 text. 

Any way to resolve this? I'd seen a thread on Reddit a while ago about a hacker forcing people to disconnect from TF1 matches... Are they still around causing troubles?

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Re: No servers found titanfall

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@Pilot7924Yes, the hacker uses other people's names so it does not good to report him. He has been doing this for two or three years now. Many, many people have complained. I have complained repeatedly.

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Re: No servers found titanfall

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He has said his mission is to shut the game down completely. He uses other people's names so it doesn't do any good to report him.


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Re: No servers found titanfall

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@Anoplogaster Probably shouldn't hold your breath until EA takes action . This has been going on since 2019
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