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No connectivity to Titanfall PC servers

by Pyrosopher

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Re: No connectivity to Titanfall PC servers

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Good luck to everyone trying to play this game. We went through this in 2018, 2019 and again in 2020. I've posted it all on my YouTube channel (ImagewerksOne) and be careful you don't name the 'bad actor' because EA will then ban you in this forum like they have me so many times. We all know who's doing it. They have his name...they won't do anything. They will take money from the helpless ones that can't play and just say 'we are working on it'.....

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Re: Hacker Jeanue has Brute Forced Titanfall 1 Server an Nobody can play

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Just the same stuff all over again...he won't stop and it's a shame. I've given up posting these videos to YouTube. I'm done !!! They should pull the game from Steam and Origin and give those people that bought the game within the last 2 years a complete refund.

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Re: Titanfall 1 servers down for all regions?

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We've been complaining about this hacker for years now and he's shut down the servers once again. I would say, if you recently purchased from Steam, I would request a full refund. Last time the hacker did this, it was unplayable for over a year and a half....Good Luck !! I've posted this all over my YouTube channel, complained on this forum, along with all the hundreds of others and our calls for help go no where.

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Re: How can EA legally continue to sell Titanfall 1 , a game that no one can pl

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I wish you luck and if I were you, I would request a refund. Thousands have complained over the last few years and all you will get from EA is 'we are working on it'.

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Re: No connectivity to Titanfall PC servers

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<Removed original post>


Hello, I've taken down the original post because it breaks the rules. We are not allowed to post legal notices as per the rules, which also helpfully outline how one might get in contact with EA to make a formal complaint which would lead to a binding arbitration, which I understand you can file for $100 (to be refunded if you win):


Obviously, this is for information only, so no one accidentally makes the same mistake in posting a legal notice here.

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Re: We need help in the Titanfall 1 forum, Mods / Admins are not helping.

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The answer is, the hacker took control of the EA servers again, just like in 2018, 2019 and 2020. If they do reply to you, you will get 'We are working on it'.

The only way this issue will fix itself is if the hacker stops.

We know who the hacker is but we can't say his name here or we will get banned on the forum for 'name shaming'.


I"ve posted the crap on my YouTube channel over the years, including the time the hacker was asking for donations, not to kick everyone out of the game.


Good luck to all.




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Re: We need help in the Titanfall 1 forum, Mods / Admins are not helping.

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It is why we cannot stop until we get a response.


The support agents keep saying "Oh rest assured, our gaming team is working on this now".


I take that as a uncanny response. They are just saying this to end the phone call or chat session.



Until either their twitter accounts say they are aware and fixing it, then it will never be fixed.



That is why the moderators of this whole forum won't give any of us a response and will instead read these and ban people for speaking out about them.

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Re: We need help in the Titanfall 1 forum, Mods / Admins are not helping.

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EA employees are *,  if it happens to apex, they fix, immediatly,   sucker * EA workers !! its illegal the game is in sold everywhere !!!! , nobody lives near EA site ? to shake one of them ?


monday i buy an xbox one to play this game 130$ adapter keyboard mouse 75 $ !!!  EA *   3 month and nothing, i have called, they know the problem, but, thre are rookies, they cant protect their server, i dream !! , i dont believe that. !!!

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Unable to connect to Titanfall servers

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Hello again Mods and CMs,


I was told by your lovely support to come here and report this issue as we all have done for lord knows how long.


Here is a print of what I was told:


"The best place to report these kinds of situations would be our official forums, here: (Titanfall 1 forums) Please check the connectivity guide at the top of the board, and if none of the steps work, start a thread reporting this issue. Our community team is great and sends reports to the game team regularly for them to be aware. Thank you for your patience with this. -Meg"


So are you all going to actually help us out with this or just keep ignoring it?


I hope you all live up to the "Our community team is great" part of that statement. I can message you case numbers if you would like.

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Re: Unable to connect to Titanfall servers

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every time i see you posting i get sad

well life is like that good things some day ends we have to accept that

only think we do find hacker and tell him make game ok  i think he was ntrlburnkilla  actually i made him report

maybe they  fix all map hackers and game bugs with update so better be patient in every thing

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