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Lost Connection To Server/ Connection To Server Timed Out

by WallCroftZ

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Lost Connection To Server/ Connection To Server Timed Out

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It happened to me 2 days ago and it still happened to me.


First of all, when I play Titanfall it keep lagging. It looks like everything freeze for 2-3 Sec and then move again and I also returned to the position where I ran from,it's like running backward. So this made the game unplayable. (My ping is 70-100ms)


Then I try to repair the game at first time it looks fine, but after that it happened again so I repair it for the second time.


And now i got this problem.


Whatever i try to connect to the server it keep said "Lost Connection To Server/ Connection To Server Timed Out".


It happened after I  select a mode and join the sever after that i can't connect at all.


Every time I restart the game, I try to look at Data center and it keep changing the region (my region is Southeast Asia so it should be this one) and what ever I try to change it I can only see other sever ping is -1 and cannot connect to any of them.


Here my solution


*Repair the game (Fail)

*Restart the game (Fail)

*Reset DNS/Modem/Rounter(Fail) (If you gonna ask me to contact Internet provider, Don't say that because they can't help me at all, I have try it before)

*Reinstall (in progress) 


I'm not sure if Reinstall will fix it.


Pls help


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Re: Lost Connection To Server/ Connection To Server Timed Out

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Reinstall might take half of a day to finish it.


I can't let it install all day, I really have a work to do.


I have try it on my laptop but still the same.


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