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Last question Topic

by Linksys-protect

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Last question Topic

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Dear Managers.
You have to regulate everybody who does not write according to your expectations. You miss the questions, but it's quite obvious. Maybe we all agree that too many topics have been launched, but neither of us has received any material help or answers. Then, on behalf of others who have voiced their outrage, I would ask the most important questions that employ everyone and have the right to know what they have bought, the service that is currently inadequate! I try to ignore all personalities, but we are waiting for the answers!


1. When did you apologize to customers who have left the (Titanfall 1.) game for fraudsters?

2. How can you ensure that the security of accounts containing personal information created by your services does not allow third parties to access. (I understand that the cracking of accounts has already taken place, as they can displace players from your servers at this time)
3. What are your plans for Titanfall 1 and hackers and scammers on servers?
4. Can you provide this third party with no third party access to your personal information in the future?
5. Can you mark this date for this malfunction to disappear around the TF1 server?
6. Do you intend to inform EA and Respawn customers of the new Titanfall that the game cannot be played?
7. Are these toys shelved, or do you fix the bugs and finally get rid of the hacker and the scammers?
8. If and if the Titanfall 1 servers are repaired, will you guarantee that you will take the reports we submit seriously and take substantive action?


I think most of the topics are dealing with these issues, because for us this game is the best. We would like to believe that we will receive detailed answers! If you get specific answers, you won't start new and new topics!
I look forward to your honest answers!

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Re: Last question Topic

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Great post Linksys2006. Well detailed and I'll be surprised if that gets a legitimate reply from anyone at EA. If they ask again, what is your issue, OMG........

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Re: Last question Topic

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Good reply Link, we will continue to hound EA until we get our favourite game back. Meantime i have contacted paypal to get the fraudsters account shut down, explaining that he is extorting money to allow players to play Titanfall. I also replied to EA on this forum in the previous topic on their latest response to this issue.
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Re: Last question Topic

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I re-installed the game on my pc Today 24/4/19 and this hacker is still throwing players out of the game.

His gamer tag briefly shows up on the menu as a series of vertical lines of different lengths across the entire area where names are displayed.

Most of the time i just get thrown out of the game before it starts and get the same "error" message of "Too many proxies for database.DT_Baseplayer."

This is our angry Titanfall hacker who is preventing all players from enjoying what used to be a great game.

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Re: Last question Topic

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Here is my most recent video, recorded yesterday. How far did I get after 10 minutes of trying? Take a guess......

No names on there to 'name shame'. I didn't even get that far into a single game to even see another name but mine.


EA, We would all like a response please.


Are you even working on a fix? Yes ? No ? Turnip?


Thanks EA for a game well played !!



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Re: Last question Topic

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Titanfall is working as normal this evening, i played 20 or so games and no sign of any hackers at all.

I don't know if this is due to some action on behalf of EA or the hackers are taking a mid week break, but it was great to be able to play the game normally.

Hopefully this is not just a one off thing and more players can return to the game.

I am glad i reinstalled it, as i wanted to see if the hacking was still going on, it was on Wednesday during the day, but in the evening i played for 4 hours and no hackers !!!

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Re: Last question Topic

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I was able to get a few games in with Adam and some of the others here in the forum and then crashes again. This time no 'Data blah blah blah, just crashes out of the game. After another 5 crashes in a row, I give up for the day. Yeah I recorded it all but it's pointless to post it. UGH!!


If an 'Admin' is reading this, please let me know if you would like me to share a video.

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Re: Last question Topic

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The hacker must have fallen asleep for a bit last night lol
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Re: Last question Topic

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It was a week ago that I asked our questions. It could be pre-wrapped, the result. I was banned from the forum, no one apologized, the TF1 servers are still dominated by hackers and scammers. However, the game is still on the market and there is no guarantee that personal account information will be safe. Actually, I owe you an apology for trying all of us. Deception and fraud continue, as the game cannot be played, customer support is exhausted in order to ban the customer. I wasn't surprised at that and I didn't expect anything else. In my country, I have exhausted the well-established facts of the crime of fraud and deception. It's not worth fighting for censorship here. But today we are informing the EA Legal Department that we will report a criminal report to the appropriate authorities. All the correspondence with the EA will be attached as evidence and the fact that the EA does nothing to protect its clients, even though we wanted to give them all our help. I suspect this comment has been removed as most of the substantive comments have been removed. But as I did before, I saved my post now, proving discrimination. Today, 30 April 2019, I asked for an official statement from the EA Legal Department, whose delays have criminal consequences.

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Re: Last question Topic

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I tried that avenue too and got a 'canned' reply saying the following:


Thank you for your interest in Respawn Entertainment! Due to the high volume of mail we receive we are not always able to respond to every message.


If you need tech support for Titanfall, please contact EA support (

If you have questions about Titanfall, you can get more information at or on our forums at



Yeah, I don't expect a reply.....

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