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High Ping, Aim assistation.

by Linksys2006

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High Ping, Aim assistation.

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Hi. They may not be dealing with the Titanfall game at EA yet. But there would be a couple of problems that would be good to get answers to.




After a year break, we finally got the game back. We definitely welcome this! The number of players will grow slowly, perhaps, which everyone is happy about. However, players connected from other continents often play an advantage over players who connect to their own local servers. Lately, we’ve found that they prefer to connect to EU servers from other distant continents, which generates huge errors during gameplay. The game breaks down, players with high ping values can be teleported. While these players claim to have good download speeds so they can actually see the movement of their enemies in real time. But because their upload speeds are indescribably poor, it results in anomalies for those with normal speeds that do not allow enemy movement to be seen in real time.


Solution: - It would be nice to limit the maximum limits on the EU and other servers, (example: maximum 100-120 ping). Anyone with a higher connection speed than this should not be able to join the game.


Aim Assistation


I also don’t think it’s fair that players connected to the console can connect to those who play on a PC. There is a simple reason for this. Those coming from an xbox or other platform automatically use the aim assistant when it is turned on. I explained my position on this at For example, almost all peripherals are now available for the xbox. So can the keyboard and mouse. As a result, game knowledge is not recognized if aim assistation is present in the game in the meantime. If requested, do not mix players connected to other platforms with PC players. The result is catastrophic and leads to controversy.


Do you intend to turn on some sort of filter so that users with poor internet speeds cannot connect to servers that are outside their own group of environment servers?
What measures can they take to keep aim assistation turned off on PC platform servers once and for all?


I am aware that very few are still playing this game again. And the solutions written above will also share players. But I also see the réhi players returning slowly. In part, it annoys me, too, when I see someone not in real time in between games, it’s terribly hard to hit them with any weapon. If it succeeds, it is also in many cases only due to luck, but it also triggers a lot of controversy among the players. I know not everyone is good at IT, but not knowing the laws doesn’t exempt anyone.


I look forward to your reply, thanks:

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