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It's official... TF1 is dead. An unceremonious end to a fine game. Done in by corporate greed, incompetence, deceit AND LIES. The fight is over, our voices were never heard. Now there is no one to fight against. There is no server. Nothing. Just emptiness.


We do not forget. We do not forgive. Expect us.



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After 9 months,I again asked for live support and ran the diagnostic tests and the dude said he would "send to publisher" if issue persisted... it did, so here to hoping something is finally in the positive for us!!!


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Guys, two days ago I tried playing the game and I couldn't, yesterday afternoon I was finally able to join a game. That is, until we went back to square one in the evening. Today I finally played a match in Frontier Defence, but my game crashed... Logging back in, still the same problem, as it is currently. Is it REALLY that difficult to ban all the bot accounts and put a little script that avoids such troubles in the future?! I mean, ok, "we wanna close the servers for good", then say it and do it! Stop pretending to have our money then not letting us play the damn game!


I just want to have some fun... with a game that I enjoy to death... a game that got me out of a very, VERY difficult time in my life. You guys at EA hate being called the "bad guys", but do you really think that nickname isn't deserved?! Please, PLEASE make it work again. Hell, make it free for people who've recently bought TF2 as well, I dunno.


Just let us play the game, without a lonely troll ruining the fun for everyone. It's easy to hate EA, but I sure still wait for you to cross the Path of Redemption; it might become longer the more stupid things you do, but I will always give you a chance.


Just let us play and have fun.



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Man 'oh man how I wish I wish I could 'just play' !

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this is sad , Frown

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Re: EA, why abandon TF1!?!

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TF1 for life!  


has anyone found a solution to play TF1 PC online yet?    The hacker has completed killed the game; it automatically kicks you out when you try to connect.


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Re: EA, why abandon TF1!?!

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No, he has updated his bots slowly to crash matches by overloading the server with too many occasions of joining players, essentially ddosing the server. He has now updated it to join on detection of joining main menu, which therefore allows access only to the title screen. Its been 10 months so far of this issue and EA still sits and doesn't help. If you aren't going to support a game that isn't really that old, then just stop selling it. I mean come on, borderlands 2 is still being updated by Gearbox Software with some pretty major add-on, yet a game that is way better cannot get the support it deserves!


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Re: EA, why abandon TF1!?!

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You are 100% right, over the course of the past weeks//months this issue persists.
The fact they are still selling the game might actually be a good thing.

In that case there must be at least in some countries laws and such that they break by not delivering on the advertised goods.

At least that's how it works in The Netherlands.

And no, I don't want a refund.


That's definately not the path I would like to go down though.

I mean if they have an army of very smart programmers who are able to get out such an game how hard will it be to just isolate the source and patch it.


Even an simple anti-flood / anti-join illegal characters thing should do the trick imo.

Any player who joins can not join another match within 15 seconds.

Massive traffic from one IP jumping between matches, ban.


That's probably all there already but then again: I'm no programmer.
Come on EA/Respawn Get this FIXED already!
Don't want to start a law suit against a company because some toxic person destroys this game.

This is just madness, as a business model, you are failing so hard.

This is not how you treat customers, this is not how you get a good client base, this is not how you get repeated purchases.

The way one person is able to just completely shutdown the work of many. You guys are making fools out yourselves.


tl'dr: Good game, one bad paly ruining destroying server, respawn does nothing, bad business model.

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Re: EA, why abandon TF1!?!

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Ok folks since EA wont solve this issue, I suggest we reach out to the programmers and see if we can get the server side code to start hosting our own servers.


anyone got contacts they can reach out to?


Legally we are not in jeopardy because as soon as they send a letter - which they have to, to start the process; we can reply with our own to say the service is not available etc etc.


With that out of the way, lets see if we can get a copy of the server side code and start hosting the game ourselves like folks did for Tribes and Tribes 2 etc.

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Re: EA, why abandon TF1!?!

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they’ve abandoned TF2 aswell.

Man i wish i could play both games without any major issues...


sadly tf1 is unplayable and tf2 has stuttering and server issues.... 


i guess respawn doesn’t have time to work on their games that make no money anymore 

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