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Crasher is (possibly) a BOT

by Adam_Malkovich

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Re: Resurrect Titanfall 1!

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@Adam_Malkovich EA is aware of this issue in their games. She ignores it because any updates cost money, it's easier not to make any decisions and use the protection systems that are available.
In addition, player complaints spoil the reputation of the EA.

In any case, the servers will close after a while, because there is no one in the game. Perhaps even a hacker will close them. The only possible option to save TF1 is to transfer the game to p2p.
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Re: Resurrect Titanfall 1!

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@Adam_Malkovich If you do not know, EA tried to solve the problem without releasing patches. A month ago, the bot cut down for a while. Hackers said that this fault EA.
And the network already has a public call to ban cheaters. But EA will not be able to fix it without a serious patch, which even no one can release.
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Re: Resurrect Titanfall 1!

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Guys, unfortunately I have to say, delete all the EA games. They usually say they have to go on the occasion. Most of the newest games come on the shelves without a dedicated server part. If someone played a game with 10-15 years earlier, you know, the best protection against fraudsters and hackers has always been Admin! There is no administrative access to the latest games, just to always buy the latest games. I am afraid that this is not just limited to the EA. The current situation shows that if you are dissatisfied you will be banned from servers and forums. Here on this forum, child-minded users, moderators, can neither apologize nor argue with argumentation. No matter the most legitimate questions, you can't find answers! Don't wait. In this forum I was banned for weeks, months, even though the questions were legitimate and we could have rightly expected answers. I say this is superfluous. Unfortunately, you only need to buy a game that can provide effective protection as an administrator for the purity of the game. Having no dedicated servers is not recommended for anyone. Old law, but true! Fraudsters and Hackers can only act effectively with Administrators. There are only forum moderators here who do not know that their own servers are held by a hacker. Or a paid EA employee who has the task of exhausting the game and disappearing into the sinker.

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Re: Resurrect Titanfall 1!

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Maybe someone knows a way to fill the lobby almost instantly?

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Re: Crasher is (possibly) a BOT

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3 of us have been running into our Titanfall 1 game crash (ie. While Setting up Burn Cards, Crashing while starting Private match.) I myself just came back to TF1 and my other 2 friends just returned Today and we can not even get a private match started. So, EA! what is going on with the game crashing!? Are you shutting down TF1? or are you letting someone pick and choose who get to play. I did not spend my hard earned money just to have a game crash! FIX YOUR SERVERS AND QUIT ALLOWING HACKERS TO RUIN OUR GAMES! Or is it because of the $$$$ of getting players to move to Newer Games. I will not ask a Support Person that is not within this Country tell me how to fix a game while they sit in a Cafe and Drink Tea (India).

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Titanfall will not play. Every time I try playing Frontier Defence the game crashes and cuts out back to the Origin Home Page. As other players start to join the servers pack in and we all get crashed out. People are complaining across the globe, so its a problem for everyone.  It has been going on since January and even though we have ALL complained numerous times, nothings getting done. It shouldn't take 7 months to get this sorted, the community are all saying Origin has lost interest in Titanfall and don't care.

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Re: Titanfall

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Saying that they don't care about Titanfall at this point is being too polite. We have been complaining that nothing has been done for far too long. They keep deleting our posts little by little and eventually Titanfall will be as if it never existed. I'm surprised no real news outlet has picked up on this issue. EA can say there is no 'player base' and that's obvious because we can't play, even if we wanted to. Soon all that will exist will be recorded gameplay posted to YouTube or Twitch, unless they want to claim copyright on that too to make it disappear? Lately the only time I can get a game or two in is when the 'one who shall remain nameless so I don't get banned in the forum again' wants to play themselves. #SaveTitanfall, #EA_Help

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Re: Resurrect Titanfall 1!

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A full lobby will not stop a hacker that can crash a game no matter what. They don't have to be in the lobby for it to happen. TF14EVR


Lately, the only time I can play a game or two is when the 'one who shall remain nameless so I don't get banned in the forum again' wants to play themselves.


If you make them mad enough in game, they will quit and the server crashes will start all over again.

Playing with the hacker is pointless anyway since they use 'Speed Hack' and 'Aim Bot' anyway.


I would mention some recent gameplay footage I uploaded to some Tube website but that will probably get me banned again too?

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Re: Hacker's back

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The hacker never left. They just let you play because they also wanted to play. They trolled everyone in the game by making them miserable while they still hacked away.


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Re: Resurrect Titanfall 1!

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The game crashes as the bot has a broken id. All that a hacker can do is crash the game servers.
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