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Crasher is (possibly) a BOT

by Adam_Malkovich

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Crasher is (possibly) a BOT

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After doing some research the crasher for TF1 seems to be an advanced bot that can join any match, so it has High-level access into EA servers. I would hope if this wasn't a bot installed by EA to help in shutting down Titanfall 1, that they would have their support team investigate and fix this issue. I was in a private frontier defense match with only me (so 1 player) on Overlook when I crashed. There is no reason for this other than that EA is allowing their server to be hacked, or is paying someone to crash for them so they can shut down the game. HOW is it a bot? because there are only as many players worldwide as there are servers to join, AND they can join private matches/locked matches as long as they aren't full.


Believe it or not, most of us die-hard classic Titanfall Pilots dislike Titanfall 2's gameplay, controls, and basically everything besides campaign. If you are developing Titanfall 3, please do a Legacy Mode where you can play on ALL maps from 1 and 2 either by yourself or with friends. It would also be nice in Legacy Mode to be able to at least use the loadout options from Titanfall 1, maybe in this mode you can't fight so players cannot use it to avoid buying the other games, but maybe to explore or do like a Credit collecting race game? That could be fun.


Seriosuly though, if you are trying to shut down Titanfall 1, please just let the community know, if not DO SOMETHING PLEASE!

All the other posts/discussions have been shut down because of ridiculous reasons. Fun fact: by denying the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution's 'Free Speech" clause, you indicate that you, as a company are unwilling to listen to your dedicated players. Instead of the "Mute and Move on" policy, try a new "Listen and Respond well" policy. It'll increase player satisfaction significantly, and likely cause more revenue as players who are happy have been proven to spend more money on the platform that hosts them.



Adam_Malkovich and the Titanfall 1 Community

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Hey EA, your Titanfall server is officially dead. Multiplayer is NOT playable..

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Just like many other's have mentioned in other posts, you cannot play multiplayer on any servers.  


Only Campaign mode works.  The hacker has made a script that kicks everyone in just a few seconds of trying to join a game.


Good job on letting such a great game die!!


Here's a screenshot of what myself and everyone else is talking about (not that anyone will read this or attempt to do anything about it)

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Re: Hey EA, your Titanfall server is officially dead. Multiplayer is NOT playab

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Right you are, DaVey! I kept track today and here's the results:**North Central US server-10 games out of 10 games crashed within 5 minutes giving exactly the error message in your screen shot. **South US server-5 games in a row crashed almost immediately ... 1 game completed & crashed before returning to the lobby. **North AND West European Servers BOTH showed Zero players at a time when they should have been very busy and I was unable to get a game to start. **Brazil Server- able to start 1 game ... it crashed almost immediately. **Australia and Far East servers-no answer no connection. I probably will stop playing Titanfall for a while and go to TF2 (which may have been EA's plan all along). I'm unlikely to buy any other EA games in the future
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Re: Hey EA, your Titanfall server is officially dead. Multiplayer is NOT playab

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So how is EA letting this happen

I paid $90 for the Delux Edition  of Titan Fall and $30 for all DLC packs
I think that it might be time to Boycott EA games and spread the word

Or maybe file a Class Action Lawsuit against EA

EA if your listening then maybe you should respond to this Post

regards, KickAssTitan

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Re: Hey EA, your Titanfall server is officially dead. Multiplayer is NOT playab

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The problem with class action lawsuit is that you give up the right to it accepting Titanfall's EULA...

I'd not go to Titanfall 2, first of all it's what Respawn wants by abandoning Titanfall 1 completely, and if Titanfall 1 gets dead, it's probably where that hacker will move on too...

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Re: Crasher is (possibly) a BOT

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YUP, started a SOLO Frontier Defense match on Overlook again, invite-only, and was crashed before first wave came, it shows that somebody is connecting, then often crashes before it connects/as it does. If that's NOT a bot, idk what is... 


good news is, there are still people who want/try to play Titanfall 1, and I bet you IFF the game is hacker/crasher free you'd see a dedicated group of fans come back and play it



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Re: Crasher is (possibly) a BOT

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UPDATE: there were 6 servers available for me to join, and 7 "Players worldwide, there were just 6 before I started this Frontier Defense Attempts, now there are 7...a new instance in the frontier defense mode :/

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Re: Crasher is (possibly) a BOT

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You have to understand that it is totally unnecessary to write or ask for help on this forum. My original name has been slow for a month now under prohibition because I have been reported to the police after a crime of fraud, deception, and embezzlement. This forum is not good because you can't find help here. You're only going to confront enemies with some moderators who imagine themselves as little kings. Arbitrary deletion of comments and ban community members who paid for TF1 and tried to help this community.
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Re: Crasher is (possibly) a BOT

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I've seen many comments of mine also removed for no reason. As far as EA paying someone, it's a good theory but I don't know if I could believe it. Why not just shut the servers down and stop selling the game? This game would be a whole lot stronger if they would just admit there is an issue and fix it. Yes I am a diehard Titanfall fan, SP and I would play every day if I could but lately I'm looking elsewhere. There is nothing like the original Titanfall. I also dislike the gameplay of TF2 and for that reason that's not the game I'm falling back on. I wish everyone luck in whatever they find to play next. My dream is to come back to this forum soon and see a post that says ITS FIXED !!!

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Re: Crasher is (possibly) a BOT

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Lol, no wonder I cant play Titanfall 2. They don't like me because I am not afraid to directly address an issue that could have been easily fixed rather than removing all of this. All-in-all I don't plan to buy ANYTHING else from EA, as their dedication to their users and games is nil. If you're addressed with something like somebody breaking the game and a large number of the community is posting about it, fix it. I mean, come on, Titanfall should be better than Fortnite, but thats the thing. Epic Games staff listen to their player base and fix what is wrong not ignore and shut down players.



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