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Re: Client Desynchronization

by JPSR1176

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Client Desynchronization

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I have an Xbox 360 and have purchased Titanfall today on opening day of course. Now im assuming its a server issues but my problem is that whenever I get into any match I will plau fo maybe a minute tops and my match crashes giving me a pop up saying "client desychronization". Is this an issue on EA's end or mine? Id love to play my game.
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Re: Client Desynchronization

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I am experiencing this exact same problem.  I figure it has something to do with the mandatory download that I am unable to download because a prompt never shows ups and there is nowhere i can access it from.

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Re: Client Desynchronization

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pls fix

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Re: Client Desynchronization

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Having the same issue almost every game.
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Re: Client Desynchronization

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Me too. Keeps doing it over and over again. Does anyone know if EA is addressing this issue?????

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Re: Client Desynchronization

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below was posted on my question about this same issue:


Client desynchronization is assuredly a connectivity issue. Check this article for information on connectivity issues in Titanfall:

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