Re: my titanfall 2 wont launch

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my titanfall 2 wont launch

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i recently bought Titanfall 2 on steam, after downloading the game i also had to download the EA app (not an issue), after downloading both i went to play but it came up with a MSVCR120.dll error (first image) and wouldn't load up the game, so I deleted the program and and redownloaded it and then also repaired it after it didn't work (


i assumed that maybe it was the game and EA app that wasn't working so i deleted both and reinstalled them, but again that didn't work, so i took to the Titanfall help desk and talked to 2 different people and they gave me different ways to try and fix it, they recommended clearing the EA apps caches, doing a clean boot, troubleshooting my graphics and reinstalling the security updates.


unfortunately none of these options have worked and im hoping that there's some way to fix this.

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Re: my titanfall 2 wont launch

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Best of luck, I also had this issue:

My advice would be, if you're troubleshooting with EA help, use a mobile device or another PC that isn't the computer that you're trying to run titanfall on, that way you can attempt multiple consecutive fixes without having to get a new chat agent each time, and probably provide a bit more detail on operating system, and the exact error/problem/thing that is actually happening when you go to start the game.

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Re: my titanfall 2 wont launch

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Hey @pls_subscibe 


Thank you for reporting this to us. Our team would like to look further into this matter.  Could you please use the EA Error Reporter within the EA app and share the error report in this thread?


If you haven't already, please also try the steps from this article 


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