Titanfall Activation Error

by vrmark81

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Re: We're unable to connect to EA Servers to activate Titanfall on this computer

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I have also had the same problem. However  mine is a bit different it just won't connect to multiplayer it's like stuck in an infinite loop whilst " Contacting Respawn Servers", I have opened all the specific ports as per https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/titanfall/titanfall/online-ports-to-open-for-titanfall/ I've also disabled all network adapters expect the one I'm using which has been known to fix the issue, but some reason I cannot get my game to connect to the servers at all. 

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Re: Titanfall Activation Error

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Hello @vrmark81


Have you bought a disk or a download version of the game? You might want to try some of the workarounds from this thread here http://answers.ea.com/t5/Titanfall/We-re-unable-to-connect-to-EA-Servers Let me know if anything works for you.





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Re: Titanfall Activation Error

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Thanks for the response, the issue seemed to fix itself this morning.  May have been an issue with the Activation Server getting overloaded.

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Re: Titanfall Activation Error

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I need help,I been trying to play literally for a week ,Im having the samr problems u all are having,can anyone tell me the solution to this hideous problem?



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Re: Titanfall Activation Error

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Same problem =(

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