TITANFALL 2 not running through steam

by DisturbedSFS

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TITANFALL 2 not running through steam

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Hi Everyone,


I recently bought Titanfall 2 through the steam platform but every time I launch the game it takes me to the EA app where it proceeds to tell me to buy the game again or to fix the game but I cant.


The screenshots below will show the message I  get when It finally opens in the EA app.


I have tried every solution that I could find and yet nothing works.


At this point I feel frustrated for buying a game that doesn't work at all. 


Ive uninstalled the game and steam and Ea app multiple times and when I  asked a EA help employee they told me its my own problem and I need to sort it out alone [very rudely]. 


at this point I hate EA and wish they would give me my money back but lets be honest that is not going to happen.


Is there anyone that is willing to help me fix my game PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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Re: TITANFALL 2 not running through steam

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@DisturbedSFS забей *, они ничего кроме бесполезных гайдов как установить directX не выдадут. Поддержка через email это слабоумные индусы которые 100500 раз будут спрашивать одно и тоже так и не сдвинувшись с места запроса данных. Пиши в поддержку STEAM с жалобами или возвращай средства.
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Re: TITANFALL 2 not running through steam

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I encountered the same problem as you, and I also searched online, but it seems there is no good solution. I feel like I've been scammed

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