[READ FIRST] How To Get A Response To Your Technical Issue!

by Carbonic

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[READ FIRST] How To Get A Response To Your Technical Issue!

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In order for the community to help you with any tech issues you may be having it's always a good idea to make sure your post contains as much information as possible.


You should start with an informative subject line such as - [PS4] - Getting error TF2NNH23 when loading into various maps - A bad example of a subject line is - TITANFALL HELP!!!111


In your main post you should then include at least the following:


  • Attaching a DXDIAG.txt to your post. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.
  • Confirm your platform - PS4, XBOX One, or PC
  • A detailed description of the problem you're having including screenshots and full error codes/messages where applicable
  • Any steps you've already tried to resolve the issue

If in doubt, before posting make sure you've gone through this technical issue checklist before submitting your post:




If you have a bug to report you can do so here.


Feedback and general discussion about the game fits best on the forums on Titanfall.com


Lastly, please be aware that this is the English section of the forum, only English is allowed here. Other languages are supported if you change the sites language.

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