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Multiplayer Issues

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I downloaded Titanfall 2 through Steam. I originally had issues getting the game to launch at all. Tried launching through Origin, still no luck. I deleted and reinstalled the game. I am able to play Campaign, but Multiplayer appears unavailable with a lock over it. Have contacted support, no luck and asked me to report it. Any info or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Multiplayer Issues

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It seems like there's a issue with openSSL and certain CPU's (mostly Intel). I found this helpful thread where a reddit user showed a fix (The site says it's for PUBG, but works the same for TF|2) Link 

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Re: Multiplayer Issues

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@XxDhruv Link doesnt work
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Re: Multiplayer Issues

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@mrpizza7153 thanks for letting me know, I've edited the link to work properly, hope it helps Standard smile


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