Make Titan fall 3!

by FullmetalKuthulu

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Make Titan fall 3!

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Make titan fall 3, Apex is trash any every other game since titan fall 2 has been absolute garbage. I wont rest.  im going to make a forum for this topic and generate a petition if i must. But stop being greedy and make something good at least once a decade the money is lying to you all if yall think apex was even half decent. Im sick of corporate greed oppressing good video games. Y'all released TF2 and the wrong time. Video games as a whole have suffered greatly from this plunder. 

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Re: Make Titan fall 3!

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They are making one currently. There have been tons of easter eggs showing it probably will come out October 31 or 1st of November. Watch this if you want to get hyped up!

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