Re: Issues With TF2 on steam

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Issues With TF2 on steam

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A couple years ago I bought TitanFall 2 on origin, and then set it down for a while. More recently, I bought TF2 on steam since it was on sale and I don't want to go through the EA app. I downloaded it, and when I tried to launch it on steam, it redirected me to origin, which redirected me to the EA app, which stated that I didn't have it downloaded, and prompted me to download it again for the EA app. After reinstalling both TF2 and the EA app and suffering the hell that is EA help, I've reached a dead end. If anyone could give some help on this situation, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Re: Issues With TF2 on steam

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@sneakman1234 basically what I've gone through, except they even took my ownership of the title. * EA.
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Re: Issues With TF2 on steam

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Hey @sneakman1234


Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Our team will look further into this. To assist the team in their investigation, could you please use the EA Error Reporter within the EA app and share the error report in this thread?






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