DLCs for Titanfall 1

by XxDhruv

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DLCs for Titanfall 1

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[TL:DR] If you own Titanfall 1 and were unable to get DLCs, I found a workaround. Feel free to buy the game on 3rd party sites


[CONTEXT] If you bought the game around the time Respawn took it off stores or bought it through 3rd party sites like G2A, you could not download any DLCs, which are needed if you want to play anything except the campaign.


[SOLUTION] Instead of trying to access DLCs through the game itself;

Open Origin > Library > Titanfall > Extra content > Download DLCs


That being said, The last time I checked, the servers were still down. Hopefully, the servers can come back up, so all the new pilots can experience this amazing game.

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Re: DLCs for Titanfall 1

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Excuse my late reply, but this does not work for me. What region have you selected in the origin store?

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Re: DLCs for Titanfall 1

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@XxDhruv servers are back on
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