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Re: Ttanfall 2 Matchmaking broken????

by mjrjesterreach

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Ttanfall 2 Matchmaking broken????

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I have had Titanfall 2 since release even played online made it to lvl 9. For days and weeks and now months, I stopped trying to trouble shoot and now check in just for the frustration. The matchmaking is broken. The chat is full there are players supposedly playing. There is a connection! It is communicating and I can chat with the "Room" of players in the same boat, waiting! Alas it just keeps trying to match, says it has found players and then the timer starts over counting down to zero again. This is the 3rd EA game I have had multiplayer connection issues with.  My end is sorted I have had the network looked over with a fine tooth comb. I have more knowledge and understanding of my PC and the Network it is on than the tech guys that the cable company hires too troubleshoot and repair. Plus 30 yrs of building PC's and setting up server rooms. It's on your end guys! Get it sorted. I am truly tired of wasting my time trying to fix your issues. Example, Steam I have 455 games and none with issues that prevent me from playing, not one. The games with issues get refunded. On Origin I have 29 games. I have issues with 20% of the games on Origin. Always multiplayer always! And no refunds! This is why we buy hard copy EA games. Best Buy takes them back! Fix your issues and repair the relationships with your customers and the number of games I buy on Origin may grow. Until then I'll spend my money elsewhere. As I did this Christmas. The kids were down they didn't get the games they wanted on Origin. But after I explained and then showed them the issues. The copies of Battlefront 2 that were purchased were returned and we got them games from other services!

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Re: Ttanfall 2 Matchmaking broken????

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Totally agree. It seems like EA devs have no idea what word "multiplayer" actually means. And how it supposed to work. EA - you have been one of the best, now - miserable.
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Re: Ttanfall 2 Matchmaking broken????

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Did anyone ever get back to you on this issue?

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