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Titanfall 2 servers have been hacked. EA/Respawn are ignoring the issue.

by rocklobster422

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Titanfall 2 servers have been hacked. EA/Respawn are ignoring the issue.

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It is impossible to play Titanfall 2 multiplayer. The same hacker from Titanfall 1 has brought their serves down. You either can't connect or once you do there is so much lag the game is not playable. This is NOT a problem with my connection many other players have reported this.


Who's doing this?
As far as we are aware, it's still the same person who's been doing the same thing for the past 3 years. Their name is Jeanue, they've used many different Origin usernames, the first being jeanue. The current name of their main Origin account is xxxTitanfailxxx, and from what we can tell, they're now in control of the Origin account NtrlBornKilla as well.


The exploit has been used for years by Jeanue, which he himself lovingly called the "Atomic Bomb" in the bot's name when it joined lobbies and wasn't using the exploit to crash users. It's caused by a buffer overflow caused by the name provided by Jeanue's bots.


While it's possible to fix the buffer overflow, there's a separate exploit deployed since December 2020 which crashes users even if they have the Little Boy exploit patched. This will cause the server to kick the player, and so far we're not aware of a way to fix that issue. Because this new exploit uses more bots and has a larger impact while similar to the older Atomic Bomb exploit, I opted to call it the Fat Man.


Joining any global multiplayer server will result in speed mods that make it really slow to move. We have tons of reports open and EA/respawn is just ignoring the problem.

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