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Re: Titanfall 2 crashing

by DarthValtrex

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Titanfall 2 crashing

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So, I just got EA Access so I can play Titanfall 2. I started the campaign, completed the training thing and then started the real first mission, when the Titanfall 2 logo appears and there's this drop pod falling into a planet they say some stuff and then out of nowhere my Xbox One Crashes, like entirely shuts off, I turn it on and the "overheating" warning pops up. I tried to play again the next day and it did the same so it can't be an overheating problem, no other game has caused this. I've tried like 5 times but it keeps doing the same thing. Can't even play the game I paid for. Any help it's appreciated, I really want to play this title. 

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Re: Titanfall 2 crashing

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@PelufazHey welcome to AHQ, you're at the wrong forum. This is the Apex Legends forum, you'll want to post your question here,

The overheating sounds like a hardware issue on your end. How much free space do you have on your xbox? Do you have a ton of captures on it? Is the xbox old? Are you running it in a hot environment?

If you have a ton of captures you might clean that out. Delete some of the older stuff or transfer them to an external hard drive. 

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