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Titanfall 2 crashes the game after server-based network issue

by fafe189

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Titanfall 2 crashes the game after server-based network issue

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The game seems to crash or disconnect from matches mid-game on any mode. This appears to be a consistent problem, but only when me and someone else in my home are playing Titanfall 2 in the same party on the same router (both on PC); when we both play simultaneously, but separately (at the same time on the same router but not in the same party), the game seems to crash much less often. (important note: the crash occurs at the same time for the both of us; as if it were on a timer or it some kind of server problem) This is also a problem for our other friends who play together on their network. This crashing bug seems to not be a problem for our friends who play without someone else playing with them on their network. What will happen is: more often than not, we will be in a game and then suddenly all of the animations will freeze but keep playing (ie. soldiers running in place and whatnot) implying that this is a connectivity issue, and then suddenly, rather than waiting for the servers to respond, the whole game crashes and we have to restart. 


This game is great, but it's a shame that a lot of my buddies and I have to play it separately to prevent crashes. It's such specific circumstances that cause the crash so it's hard to find support for this issue, but it is most definitely a game based or game server based crash.

I am running this game with an intel i7 core; a geforce rtx 2070, and 16gb ram. I'm not sure if any of my hardware can be the problem seeing as it's an issue for my buddies as well.

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