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Re: Titanfall 2 Steam isn't launching

by stockishgsr

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Titanfall 2 Steam isn't launching

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I had already owned the game on Origin and decided to buy the game again on steam. After downloading the steam version it sent me to Origin lite and asked me to download the game again. After I re-downloaded it on origin it still wouldn't launch. I've tried uninstalling both and reinstalling again. This time Origin didn't ask me to to download the game again but the "play" button is grayed out. I've also tried using the repair function but it didn't do anything.

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Re: Titanfall 2 Steam isn't launching

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Same issue here, beginning to think there is some backend account error with linking to Steam that overwrites what Origin is thinking, even as both accounts linked are my correct ones. I really hope I didn't lose years of gameplay unlocks and experience with a Steam purchase after owning it on Origin since release.

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