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Re: Titanfall 2 Ping Issues

by XiiTheBeastX

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Titanfall 2 Ping Issues

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I've been recently playing Titanfall 2 with the trial and I notice that I'm getting unstable ping count. I resented my router, and I'm wireless. Any idea with the servers being stressed out due to many players on at the time. Should I change servers or what

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Re: Titanfall 2 Ping Issues

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What server do you play on? Is it one nearest to you?

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Re: Titanfall 2 Ping Issues

Community Manager

Hello @XiiTheBeastX and thank you for trying to help fellow player in need. I don`t know if you`ve noticed, but OP was asking this question all the way back in 2016. The circumstances and possible solution might changed drastically since. Your efforts are appreciated, but I am sure you can find players in need of help right now here on Answers HQ. Share your experience, enjoy playing Titanfall 2 and ask away, should you have any additional questions. 




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Re: Titanfall 2 Ping Issues

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Oh, I see....
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