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Titanfall 2 - Changing Language

by TaliXa

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Re: Janguage change from Russian to english

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There is a solution. Watch this video.

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Re: Janguage change from Russian to english

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@EA_Archi You can give me file Titanfall2/r2/general_russian_patch_8 Please
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Re: Titanfall 2 - Changing Language

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I bought Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition during sale (I live in Poland) and I guess it didn't strike me during a purchase that Im gonna get version without English.

I saw that small low contrast text on product page AFTER purchase and it did strike me then. I mean. It's not even on top of the page or anything. And the grey text on white background is definitely low contrast and not visible enough. It should be on top of the page as it is REALLY IMPORTANT information and not some grey text on white background.

Then I was busy and didn't even install the game. Decided to refund it. Then I had exams and was busy for a few months and kind of forgot about refund.

Didn't play the game AT ALL.

Today I recalled it (recalled it lately but still) and talked to EA support and asked for a refund and they denied saying that 14 has passed.

I asked support what happens when I chargeback. They said if I chargeback my account will get restricted.

Sure my account will be restricted because I want my money back for the product I NEVER USED because it is INCOMPLETE and with no option for upgrade! (there is no option for upgrade to English... great...)

EA you are LITERALY robbing me off my money!


I WANT A REFUND. Why are you so evil EA?

Oh well...

Oh well just my small contribution about evil EA robbing me off my money.

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Re: Janguage change from Russian to english

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@NeKpoT wrote:

There is a solution. Watch this video.

Is this even safe for multiplayer?

Could this trigger a ban?


Also it has to be done again after every update and besides we shouldn't have to do that. They should just fix it.

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