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Titan fall 2 unbound ever thing

by Demonzoraork

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Titan fall 2 unbound ever thing

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In titanfall2 ever thing is unbound and i cant rebind eny thing so all i can do is look around can EA fix this or is EA being bethesda level incompetent and are gonna just wait for some one to make a mod to fix it.


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Re: Titan fall 2 unbound ever thing

Community Manager

Hey @Demonzoraork


That's definitely weird. Have you had the chance to try repairing Apex Legends in Origin to see if that helps at all? It sounds like a file may have been corrupted, and a repair might help fix the issue if that's the case. 


If you right-click on Titanfall 2 in Origin you should see a Repair option when the menu comes up. Let me know if you're still running into the same issue after that. Thanks!




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