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by Muttnutt12

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This has been really getting on my nerves lately and that is tone. She is OP. The salvo take so much health off you and the salvo core can take you down even if you have full health and there impossible to escape because they track you. I don't know if anyone else agrees with me I know the tone lovers won't. I really think she needs a big nerf.
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Hi! There was some recent "Additional Balancing" applied to Tone and she feels significantly less dangerous now. She's still strong, but I've found that I'm less likely to dominate with her. 

I think part of the issue is that lots of players try to engage in extended mid-range trades, which is where Tone exceeds. I've found that use of cover/geometry is the key to who will win a one-on-one fight, factoring the strengths of each titan. 


Missile Barrage is powerful, definitely, but everyone's Core abilities are. The missiles don't explicitly track you, they follow where Tone is looking. If you're in the open you're in trouble, but generally you shouldn't be fighting Tone without a handy tree or building to duck behind. Now it's possible to fire in the air and bring then down on the head of the enemy titan, but this can be a little tricky and leaves Tone open for a moment. 


Please don't take this to mean that I think you're wrong, or that I'm disregarding your feedback. It's all valuable, and it's not like "nerf Tone" is a rare sentiment. I just wanted to give some opinion on her place as someone who mostly plays Tone or Ronin. In any case, Respawn will have plenty of info on how each titan performs, so I'm sure they'll continue to rebalance things. 


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i myself still think that tone is overpowered and respawn should nerf its demage or health


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