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Server Connection Timed out

by ImmolatCatamites

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Server Connection Timed out

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Server Connection Timed out. Hey i just got this game a few days ago on the steam summer sale and everything was working fine for the first few days. Then starting just two days ago whenever i play a online match i always get kicked. Usually when i try to skip the annoying death recap screen. I have tried resetting my router changing my graphic settings to recommended, changing servers, checked my ping and my internet bandwidth speed. Also tried repairing the game through both steam and origin, tried running as admin. Every other online game seems to work fine so i can't tell if it just the titan fall servers or what but i highly highly doubt it is a internet problem. And if it was a authentication problem through anti cheat or something wouldnt i be banned? I haven't tried disable steam and Origin overlay but then again it was working perfectly fine with them enabled before this started. 


Also if you cant tell this is Titanfall 2 on PC


Absolutely nothing will work and no matter how much a search for a solution i cant find it i need some help. 

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Re: Server Connection Timed out

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Hey @ImmolatCatamites


Let's try running through some troubleshooting steps to see if we can help with the disconnections that have been happening. 


A good place to start off would be with the basic connectivity troubleshooting over at the EA Help website. If you're still running into trouble after that check out the PC-specific steps as well. Let me know how that goes once you've got the chance. 






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