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Re: Rewatching our Victories

by adoptedmoth

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Rewatching our Victories

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Okay, since Bungie won't listen to me, maybe you guys will. So, with all of the things you can do in Titanfall 2, you know, wall running, double jumps, boosts, throwing grenades, and all of the incredible Pilot and Titan executions, wouldn't it be cool to be able to watch all of that from a third person perspective without the risk of being shot or stepped on?In 2007, Bungie (who, let's be honest. was way better back then) introduced a feature called Theater Mode in their game Halo 3, which allowed you to view your previous matches as an observer, with first person, third person, and free camera perspectives, with the ability to pause, fast forward and slow-mo, and view other players This gave rise to a positive community, and allowed players to express their creativity with screenshots, skits, and more. Now, don't you want that sort of community positivity to come to the Titanfall community? All of those gameplay trailers with the cinematic, slow motion shots? Imagine how the community could express their creativity if they were given the ability to do that themselves? You could even reward the players who create something truly phenomenal with a weapon skin or something, so that other players can see their accomplishment and strive to achieve it as well? Of course, you probably can't carbon copy Halo's Theater Mode, there are probably going to be problems if you did that. But maybe you could improve on it. As simple a feature it may sound, Halo's Theater doesn't have a rewind mode. You can only skip back thirty seconds if you mess up. Give us the ability to rewind the footage we're rewatching. Also give us the ability to take rewatch the Singleplayer Campaign so players can get screenshots and vidoes of Cooper and BT, mowing down IMC Grunts, taking down the Apex Predators and more. It's just a thought, but a thought that will make me (and many others, I'm sure of it) very, VERY happy. if this feature becomes a reality, I'll get some cool screenshots for you. Sound good?

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Re: Rewatching our Victories

Community Manager

Hey @adoptedmoth


I think Theater Mode would be a lovely feature to have in Titanfall 2 Standard smile Especially, if I also spend ridiculous amount of time on taking screenshots in video games.


I can provide your feedback to the right team, but unfortunately I cannot promise that the mode will be added to the game Embarrassed





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Re: Rewatching our Victories

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As long as there's a chance, it's good enough for me. If it becomes a reality, then even better. Thank you

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