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Re: [PC] Titanfall 2 multiplayer servers

by XiiTheBeastX

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[PC] Titanfall 2 multiplayer servers

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Hi EA and Devs,


I recently bought Titanfall 2 and finished single player yesterday, the game is fluent, satisfying, and very exciting to play. Today I would like to play some multiplayer games but I had issue finding players when I tried to find a game. Currently I'm living in Singapore and the data center is Singapore accordingly and the matchmaking queue is always 1 player found(I suppose that means me), so I tried to change date center to some US cities like Salt Lake City and then I can finally find a lot of players to play with.


However, by switching to US servers, I get more than 200ms ping constantly and the game is not as enjoyable with such huge latencies. I understand that the fan base mainly locates in NA and EU, but I still wish that there's a way that players in Asia can still have a chance to play quality multiplayer games with the community.  With a good experience on multiplayer games, the fan base of Titanfall will rise in Asia for sure simple because the game itself is fantastic.


As a player, I really want to play multiplayer games in Titanfall 2 with enough players from Asia and relatively lower pings. Just want to enjoy the game, plz help!


Also hoping for a Titanfall 3 in the future, really want to end that bloody * Mardar...

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Re: [PC] Titanfall 2 multiplayer servers

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Instead of trying US servers check out "Western European" servers and you dont need to change date/time or use VPN, you can do it in game. And try using Singapore servers again they are good enough i play on them too.

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Re: [PC] Titanfall 2 multiplayer servers

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The singapore servers maybe good then but its 2018 now and i just started playing TF2 and i encounter the exact same problem as YOSHINONANJ0 and i also used VPN to switchover. However, i will try the western european tip now and see what happens the next time i play.
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