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Re: [PC] Can't submit support ticket/case

by EA_Kent

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[PC] Can't submit support ticket/case

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Title., I select the relevant game and fill out the options, and select contact options and it suggests this forum. So here I am asking for help to then ask for help for a paid product



Might as well describe my problem here anyway:

Having problems with Titanfall 2, I can play one match (if I'm lucky two), then afterwards my game will freeze for 10-15 seconds unfreezes then a few seconds later I get booted to the menu with a message "Server connection timed out". Restarting the game may allow another one or two games to be played before it starts happening again but i usually quit and come back an hour or so later, not restarting the game and attempting to join a new match will result in the same freeze, unfreeze and boot to menu.


Titanfall 2 on steam


edited to include some more detail as per the guidelines

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Re: [PC] Can't submit support ticket/case

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I was finally able to submit a case, but it says check the pop up window to chat, no pop up window appears even after about 30-45mins

@EA_KentCan i possibly get some help here, is support over burdened, server problems? I'm trying to remain calm but I'm slowly becoming frustrated with how even getting support for a paid product has problems

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Re: [PC] Can't submit support ticket/case

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Hey @Mews88.


Your frustration is definitely understandable. Let's take a look and see if we can help stop these disconnections from happening. 


First, can we try running through some connectivity troubleshooting to see if that helps at all? A good place to start off is with the basic connectivity steps from the EA Help website. If the same thing keeps happening after that check out the PC-specific steps as well. 


Let me know if you're still running into any disconnections afterward. Thanks!




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