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Re: No double jump on Beacon mission

by babysarm919

Original Post

No double jump on Beacon mission

★★★★ Novice

Product: Titanfall 2
Platform:Microsoft XBOX One
Summarize your bug No double jump
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Go to section
What happens when the bug occurs? when im playing??
What do you expect to see? a fix??

After getting new module need to double jump to next wont and you die 

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Re: No double jump on Beacon mission

Community Manager

@babysarm919 I've seen scattered reports of such issues, normally you can fix this by loading into the game from the mission select on the title screen. 

So please return to the main menu and choose the mission again from the menu rather than loading in from your saved position. You might lose a little progress but it should help with this issue. 

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Re: No double jump on Beacon mission

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i will try that.  i hope it helps, as this is a good game, and i cannot proceed any further.   i googled it and found others like me.  (problem wise??)  but no solution.  i must have tried 1000 times.  so i hope this works.  

thanks  i will report back.  

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Re: No double jump on Beacon mission

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I had to go back to beginning of Beacon, and now getting Arc tool to work my way back.  it appears to be working, but at times, i get the same thing and just drop.  I wouldn't be this far if it was not.  hope all is not for nothing when i get back to pick up new module.  

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Re: No double jump on Beacon mission

Community Manager

I haven't been able to lock down what causes this exactly, but i've gotten plenty of reports that once you restart you should be good to go. 

If you do have any further issues please let us know. 

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Re: No double jump on Beacon mission

★★★★ Novice

Well, i got back to the same spot;  noticing that prior to this same spot in the game double jump has been working.  for the most part.  get back to my favorite spot and.....crap.  tried some different moves before and during initial jump.  same results.  so close. like it should grab the edge or at least hit it.  FINALLY.  stepped back and made jump from further back from the damn close...GOT not sure if moving back from the edge made the difference or restarting back further into the game.. either way...i made it past.  and onto the next mission.  

thanks for your for anyone else...start exactly where the ghost runner is.  but jump well before you get to the edge, then hit the double jump..  i didnt record it as i didn't expect  to make it and didn't want to try i again.  

the graphics in the game is awesome.  and the whole massive environment sometimes just has me looking around to see everything before i move on. 

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