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New campaign for Titanfall 2

by xeviusry

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New campaign for Titanfall 2

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I see all these new DLC's for Titanfall 2...It's great, they have all these art packs, sound-effects, load-outs, etc. All geared for multi-player. I've played many multiplayher games in the past, including T.2. I don't anymore, due to incessant berating and insults by 'veteran' online players. (I played Unreal Tournament all versions for 2 decades, since there was always a 'bot' mode. AKA single-player. It's because U.T. online players were notorious for being ***holes, especially to newbs. One even told me to uninstall. Therefore, I ask, where is a 'new-campaign' DLC???? If there never will be, then I will no longer support or recommend T.2., unless a T.3. with (obviously) a new campaign, comes out! I can't believe the original didn't even HAVE a campaign mode. Also, if a new campaign is such a burden, why not create bot modes, so players can go up against non-***hole computer opponents. This question may be a shock to the community, since I've not seen it proposed before.


p.s.  I've already supported the game, by 1) buying it, and 2) buying the hard-cover game guide.  If I was into multi-player, I'd easily buy all the DLC's.  



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