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Major error report yet no one from origin has even tried contacting me

by Gorby2210

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Major error report yet no one from origin has even tried contacting me

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Product: Titanfall 2
Summarize your bug Someone please explain
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? what does this mean
What happens when the bug occurs? screen goes white and it just stops or error posts come up well the same one keeps popping up
What do you expect to see? the game to stop crashing like everyone else wants

I have change and borrowed other graphic cards and still crashes i have had this pic come up twice i have installed the game twice. I have asked for a refund and i have reported every crash to origin and no one has tried contacting me

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everytime i die titanfall 2 crashes

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its not every now and than its EVERY TIME !!!!!!  i keep sending reports i have also waited over 1/2 an hour for live chat yet it stated 14min... Is Origin part of the Australian Centerlink Office???? Tried even calling just as successful as centerlink Australia..... All i would like is a refund not asking for much.. Just a little service instead of palming us off to links

If Origin wants to compete against Steam you need a lot better customer service at least Steam replies to complaints and don't send you in a circles

This is what i keep getting

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Re: Major error report yet no one from origin has even tried contacting me

Community Manager

@Gorby2210 There's no automated system to reach out for bug reports, though thank you for submitting them.


Can I ask when this issue manifests? It sounds like there's a game simulation issue, so info on when/how it manifests should be useful. 

Thank you.

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