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Re: Connection to server timed out [PC]

by EA_Atic

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Connection to server timed out [PC]

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After almost every game (sometimes in multiplayer lobbies) my game freezes and boots me back to the start screen (to play campaign or multi) with the error message "Connection to server timed out", effectively preventing me from playing the game. When I first purchased the game it was fine for my first few months and suddenly the error began happening without any probable cause.

Specs include:
CPU: AMD FX-6300
RAM: 16gb DDR3
Motherboard: ASRock 970 Extreme3 R2.0
GPU: 4gb Radeon RX 570

I have tried:
Upgraded RAM (8gb - 16gb)
Upgraded GPU (1gb - 4gb)
Upgraded WIFI plan
New router
Manually port forwarded the game (all roughly 14)
Changed NAT filtering to OPEN
Made anti-virus/firewall exceptions for Origin and Titanfall
Installed the game on completely new hard drives, on a new installation of windows (retried all steps after the upgrade)
Used recommended settings
Increased task manager priority
Ran Origin and Titanfall as admin
Flushed DNS
Cleared Origin cache
Used external WIFI adapter

Since the game does not crash, I cannot include an EventViewer, although a DxDiag is included.

I thank you for all replies given, all I wish is to play my favourite game again <3

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Re: Connection to server timed out [PC]

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Hey @buggsworth  thanks for all the details! Super helpful 

I assume nothing is overclocked? 


Also what ISP do you have and region are you in? 




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