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Re: Cheater in multiplayer!

by sabeltant11

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Cheater in multiplayer!

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This guy is been cheating for a long time!And I try to report him and it doesn't work!Hope u guys can ban his account or his ip as fast as possible!Thank u. This guy's id is. 


(Removed user name, no name and shame on the forums) - Atic 

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Re: Cheater in multiplayer!

Community Manager
Hey @Night_sWatchMo, Forum is not the place to report players and I have removed the id as we don't allow name and shame on the forums. 


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Re: Cheater in multiplayer!

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Trust me we hear you. Although I enjoy ganging up on cheaters in the game (most of them are terrible because they're nothing without their wall/speed etc hacks) but it would be nice if we didn't have to watch for glitches (sound/video/connection) to determine that someone just got in that had cheats.
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Re: Cheater in multiplayer!

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Did you even read his post?? He already reported the cheater multiple times and you're doing nothing about it. If you remove the username here at least say you'll look into it.

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