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Can TF2 get cross play?

by da_killjoi

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Can TF2 get cross play?

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Can we get Cross play for TitianFall 2? Considering the fact that there has been rumors going around about apex getting cross play, it would be cool if we can get it for TitianFall 2 being as how people are still playing it but it takes forever to get in a match, it would be awesome if we could just play with everyone who has the game considering it has such a small player base it takes upto 30 minutes to get into a match, Will it solve long wait times? Not completely, but id rather wait maybe 3-4 minutes instead of 15-20 just to get a match. Plus, it would probably get back some players as the main reason why its gotten harder to get into a match is because everyone left due to the long wait time, it would probably bring back some players and cut down wait times even more. 

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