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[BUG] Error: items.nut #3914 [UI] The index "" does not exist


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Re: [BUG] Error: items.nut #3914 [UI] The index "" does not exist

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Thanks for the posts. As I understand these issues have the same base cause, and there currently isn't a workaround other than "don't edit/don't use the affectedTitan", but Respawn are aware of and working on a fix. 



I know this was said above, but I want to make sure there's reminders and that folks know this issue hasn't been forgotten about. 

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Titanfail error 3914

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I have contacted EA about this problem twice the first time they gave me the trouble shooting guide which everyone seems to have done. I have done a full reboot of the x-box and my router, I deleted any alternate mac addresses, deleted and reinstalled my gamer tag and titanfall game and have also deleted my profile data from the console and cloud. None of these solutions worked. The second time they said that they are going to get in touch with the developer's to try to resolve this particular error. Whether that's true or not is yet to be seen. I have exactly the same problem with the Tone loadout, whenever I try to access any customization options the game freezes and returns you to the title screen with that error message. The same happens if you try customizing in game. Funny thing is I can use the titan just with its basic load out, can anyone else do that? Guessing something has corrupted. Has anyone else spoken to EA? P.s if you delete your profile data from both x-box live and your console it only gets rid of your campaign data so be careful. Think the problem is at their end!

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Re: [BUG] Error: items.nut #3914 [UI] The index "" does not exist

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I straight up can't edit or play as ronin anymore
On ps4
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Ion warpaint

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When I click edit on my ion Titan anytime anywhere my game crashes and takes me back to the main menu, this started happening after I bought the customisation pack for ion, does anybody know how to fix this or when it will be fixed? I have tried resetting my Xbox, app, deleting and redownloading the pack but nothing has worked
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Fix the Ion Crash problem!!!

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This did not ever happen to me until the new patch installed. Version v2.0.1.1

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Re: [BUG] Error: items.nut #3914 [UI] The index "" does not exist

[ Edited ]
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I bought the Ronin early after Regenerating for the first time, now trying to customise it results in this too.

EDIT: Won't let me customise Tone or Legion either. Maybe you should actually fix this, guys.
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Re: [BUG] Error: items.nut #3914 [UI] The index "" does not exist

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I have exactly the same problem!

I play the PS4.

When I choose Titan Ion, the game freezes.

Maybe it's because of the painting "The Baron"?

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[BUG] Error: items.nut #3914 [UI] The index "" does not exist

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I can not select my Titan to customize him or change specs what the hell is this Sh!t
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Re: items.nut #3914 [UI] The index "" does not exist

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You can probably access the titan by selecting them while playing a game.  Editing them does not seem to work anywhere. 

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Re: PS4, TF2 - Error processing game logic, items.nut #3914

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Jep same error here it takes ea a really long time to respond and resolve this error. Making money must be more important than a good finished working product. 

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