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Re: Idea for Dragons Age Inquisition

by EA_Ataashi

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Idea for Dragons Age Inquisition

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Hello my name is Martha, Im a huge fan of Dragons Age Inquisition, I love fantasy RPG, and I have played this game over 20 or so times within the last year and half. I love the whole game the ending and DLC ending trespasser, I would love to see this game come back, It is one of the best games I have ever played. I have some ideas to share, The ending with Solas leaving, I would love to see the beginning of the new game start with his story, where he goes and what he accomplishes, but I would love to see him return without destroying the world, maybe he trys and isnt able to go through with it because of his loyalty with the inquisitor and if Solas was romanced that should continue. I believe the saved game data on Inquisition should cross over to the new one, like Destiny was to Destiny 2. So everything just continues instead of starting over. I would love to see what happens with Dorian and his homeland so maybe a new battle starts for the inquisition. I would love to see the new seekers Cassandra has created, and Cole return from the Fade and how Varric is doing leading his people. I would love to see how everyones lives has changed and what they accomplised, but I would really love to see everyone return to skyhold or even a new place and maybe add new characters. I have so many Ideas, I just know I really love this game and would love to see a new one come out!! Thanks for reading, Your loyal fan lol!!
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Re: Idea for Dragons Age Inquisition

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Hi @Ivythorns


I'm glad to see another passionate Dragon Age fan here High five And thank you so much for sharing your ideas. I have finished Inquisition a few times myself and it's always fun to read what other fans have on their minds when it comes to the continuation of the story Standard smile


I'd probably just hunt Solas down in the next installment, because I would never forgive him for what he did to my Lavellan Tongue out


While I don't have any information about the next Dragon Age game to share, I can suggest following Mark Darrah on Twitter. He's the executive producer of the Dragon Age franchise and he sometimes likes to share a few secrets Wink



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